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Canine Life Cycle Coaching

~~K-9 Compatibility screening: If your thinking of getting a dog, our K-9 compatibility screening will help you choose the right pet for your situation. Choosing the right pet is crucial for a harmonious relationship between you and your new K-9 friend. Please call for pricing and details Visit us on Facebook!

~~Puppy Montessori    : We are the creators of the Puppy Montessori training system!  Established in 2006,  we implemented the system as an extension of our doggie day camp.   Over the years of instructing people on the program and answering questions about the puppy raising process, felt we needed to write a comprehensive book to share our knowledge and reach a wider audience. In 2014 we published our book Puppy Montessori!   To order a copy  Click Here.  

~~The first step in any training program is to evaluate the training request, dog, owner, and environment.  ​We offer private training sessions for $75 per visit.  Currently our training sessions are limited.

~~Super Mutts canine Instruction leverages decades of combined experience with canine obedience training and canine behavioral sciences

~~We pride ourselves in the use of "best of breed" training methods and equipment. At Super Mutts we love your canine as much as you do and what you will learn through our canine instruction is safe for both you and your pet.

~~At Super Mutts we subscribe to the highest pet industry standards and dedicate a lot of time reasearching the latest breakthroughs in canine behavior and training.

~~Our goal at Super Mutts is to educate canine caretakers and their canine companions to live in harmony with each other.

~~Super Mutts Canine Instruction focuses on a combination of canine obedience instruction and canine behavior counseling. This approach yeilds visable results in minimal time. Super Mutts training establishes leadership through  a balanced training approach. our program of exercise, well timed, and consistent direction, helps our canine companions learn the rules of the modern human pack and the skills necessary to fulfill their doggy lives in todays society.

~~"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." ~Edward Hoagland~

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