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Super Mutts


Puppy Montessori

Watch Coco -  a  16 week old puppy Montessori graduate!

This is Coco after 3 weeks in the program

Read an excerpt from the book on our dog blog

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~~The Puppy Montessori    book is a must read for the new puppy owner! The Puppy Montessori    training system was developed by Kenneth and Cindy Quigley in 2006 and was implemented at Super Mutts for new puppy owners.

Over the years of instructing people on the program and answering questions about the puppy raising process, they felt the need to write a comprehensive book to reach a wider audience.

The Puppy Montessori     book teaches the reader how to train using hand signals as well as verbal commands and is a resource that you can go to when you have questions about:  leadership, feeding, potty training, socialization, vaccinations, toys, treats, obedience, unwanted behaviors, leash walking, and much more. 

The canine Montessori model acknowledges the important link between developmental cycles and behaviors. The book provides a leadership system for puppy owners, delivering reader-friendly guidance on managing puppy-related issues to ensure a well-behaved, engaged dog. By purchasing this book, you will take the first and most important step in building a relationship with your new best friend. By reading and utilizing the techniques described in this book, you will be able to enjoy your puppy and realize that it does not have to be such a tiresome, frustrating experience.

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