​Dogs have four legs and are meant to walk!    Wild dogs travel miles every day.  Exercise is necessary for your dogs overall mental and physical health.   Is your dog having behavioral issues?  It may be due to the fact he is not getting enough exercise.  A tired dog is a good dog!  Leash control is the number one dog training issue we get asked about so Super Mutts is now offering a dog walking service!

Do you work all day, have a family or just have trouble finding time to give your dog the necessary exercise he/she needs?  Maybe you have fallen ill or have had surgery and can't walk your dog.  Do you have a high energy dog?  Is your dog difficult to walk?  Does he pull on the leash, dragging you here and there?  Maybe your dog is leash reactive and barks at other dogs or people.  These are all great reasons to use Super Mutts dog walking service! 

​Our dog walking  services include:

Basic  - for dogs that are good on leash,  do not pull on leash and are not leash reactive  This service is for dogs that  just need some added exercise during the day.  Our basic service will get your dog walking at "dog speed" which will drain him/her of pent up energy so you can relax at the end of the day!

Intermediate  - Our intermediate dog walking service incorporates leash training ​for dogs that pull on leash or are leash reactive.  We will teach your dog leash manners as well as " hands free" walking. We will set up an appointment to show you how to maintain the training so you can enjoy walking your dog.

​Private walking class - ​Our private walking class teaches you how to walk your dog.  This class is for people who do not need help with other training issues but have trouble when it comes to walking Fido on leash.  We will coach you on how to train your dog to engage with you during the walk and have proper leash manners as well as "hands free" walking.

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​​Watch a few of the dogs we have helped with leash walking

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