What is Canine Life Cycle Coaching?

Canine life cycle coaching is a combination of Canine training, Canine husbandry and Canine health.

Kenneth and Cindy Quigley are owners of Super Mutts   Super Mutts has been in business for 15 years. We have offered boarding, daycare, training and grooming services.  Over the years we have helped people with many different aspects of their canines’ life cycle and answered numerous questions regarding dog grooming, dog training, dog nutrition, and health.  After years discussing all of these topics with our clients we realized that we are more than dog groomers, dog trainers or boarding facility owners.  We have a unique set of skills and knowledge as pet care professionals that those terms just do not explain in their entirety.  This led us to develop the term Canine Life Cycle Coach which truly encompasses what we do. With our unique experience we are able to coach people in all aspects of their canines’ life cycle. 

Cindy Quigley has 23 years experience working with dogs in many settings.  She has worked as a Veterinary technician, dog groomer, dog trainer, and is also a retired Registered nurse.  Having been a Veterinary technician she can help in identifying potential health problems in your canine companion.   As an all-breed dog groomer she knows every aspect of dog grooming  and can teach pet owners not only how to properly groom their own dog but can help with grooming related behavioral issues such as biting, growling, nipping, etc.  As a dog trainer and author of Puppy Montessori she has helped owners with all aspects of dog training from puppy training to behavioral problems in the adolescent, adult and senior dog.  Being a retired Registered nurse means that she is interested in science and health. Dog training is based on science and dog grooming and animal husbandry are part of a dogs overall health. This unique set of skills gives her the opportunity to help people in all aspects of dog ownership from a pet professional perspective.

Kenneth Quigley is a certified obedience instructor and has trained and rehabilitated many dogs that were deemed “untrainable” by others.  He developed Super Mutts canine rehabilitation system and is the co- author of Puppy Montessori.  As a co-owner of Super Mutts he has worked in, studied, and educated people on canine training, behavior, grooming, housing, nutrition, and much more.   As boarding and daycare facility owners together Kenneth and Cindy have cared for thousands of dogs and have thousands of hours observing, studying and modifying canine behavior.

As Canine Life Cycle Coaches we instruct people in all aspects of the canines’ life cycle including;

  • Canine Training – Instructing people on the aspects of training their canine companions. From picking the right dog for your lifestyle, to starting your puppy off right, to dealing with the exuberance of adolescence and early adulthood, to helping with training issues of the senior dog.  We can also help prepare your dog for AKC Canine Good Citizen.
  • Canine husbandry - Instructing people on the aspects of providing  the necessary requirements of their canine companions Such as- housing, kennel training, grooming , socialization, physical exercise, mental stimulation and nutrition.
  • Canine Health – Instructing people on how to keep their pet healthy and how to identify possible health issues in their canine companion.  We provide information on vaccinations, nutrition and exercise, and also help to identify health issues such as dental disease, infections (ear, mouth, scent glands), joint problems and possible health issues that could be causing behavioral problems.  We do not treat these issues but can help identify them and will advise to seek Veterinary care when necessary.





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